UTOPICFOOD! Is the platform for distribution of ORIGINAL CONTENT (Documentary Films and Series) produced by UTOPIC FILMS, around the Food & Beverage subjects. With emphasis in pointing distinct philosophies seeking for perfection in a variety of sectors of the food chain. 

Having in mind perfection as the encounter of aspects such as: Quality, Sustainability, Health, Social and Cultural matters, the subjects to be embraced by this project must qualify in the following categories:

– High ending Independent Restaurants, with seasonal products; 

– Sustainable restaurants;

– Farming Systems;

– Fishing Systems;

– Food and its anthropological aspects;

– Food Waste Projects;

– Food in social projects;

– Food and Politics;

– Ideologies for a perfect diet (Paleo, Vegan…)


UTOPIC FILMS only takes care fo distribution of our original content produced for UTOPICFOOD!

Our distribution is made through multiple channels of our brand UTOPICFOOD!


– Website www.utopicfood.com

In the website we have all the films and series produced specifically to this platform. As our Main Channel, we connect this media to all our other support social medias. Exclusive content is also to be available in this page.

– Youtube Channel UTOPICFOOD!

As currently most popular streaming platform, our Films and Series are also distributed through Youtube, for organic interaction with the audience.



A tool to establish interaction between our audience and our content. Since our content is created to have a long term relevance, on facebook we keep updating the audience on our upcoming films as much as our past films, according with their relevance for the moment.


As one of the most interactive and multi functional medias, Instagram will be used in 3 different levels.

1 – Grid: The official posts will interact through the puzzle format of Instagram’s grid. In this way we will connect our content, establishing relationships between past published films and new releases, creating a solid structure to support the character or subject in topic.

2 – Stories/Highlights: Here we present a more intimate approach to the subject, creating engagement of the audience to the Film. Making of photos and videos take place here.

3 – IGTV: A secondary option for the audience to watch our content. Since our content is produced to have a long relevance, we expect our viewers to have the freedom to navigate through our platforms and choose their content. IGTV has a bigger relevance for mobile and spontaneous engagement from he audience, developing interest to the subject.

Connecting all those medias we create different possibilities of engagement from the audience on their most convenience, while supporting our creating a solid base to every new content co-related to the stories and characters already being part of UTOPICFOOD!

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